ZIP - City, Country10040 - PIOBESI TORINESE (Italy)
Org. TypeCompany
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 Organisation Details
Italian engine valves manufacturer from 1975.
ISO Quality Certified.
Gieffe has been manufacturing engine valves since 1960. In over 40 years, its reputation for product quality and prompt, efficient service have earned the company a vast clientele in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world. 
Type of co-operation- Manufacturing agreement (Offer / Request)
- Commercial agreement (Offer / Request)
Areas of activity:Automotive Parts, Components, Systems & Modules
- Powertrain (engine, gearbox, exhaust)
 Trade / Business Profile - Manufacturer of engine valves for the market of the spare parts
From about half century, the company plans and produces engine valves for cars, industrial and agricultural vehicles, and marine engines.
The company can offer both equivalent valves to the original ones, in the materials and in the constructional characteristics, both valves optimized for the market of the spare parts.
To be easily istalled on worn engine and to still assure a long resistance to the revised engines, the valves used as spare parts must have different technological and dimensional characteristics from valves produced for first system.
The company performances valves satisfy all these characteristics; thanks to the deep knowledge improved during the years on the characteristics of the single engines.
The valves are produced in Piobesi Torinese factory, an establishement expanded for over 4000 square meters and in which one there are operative equipments which are at the cutting edge of technology for the specific manufacturings and a complete workshop for the quality controls.
The productive range is articulated on over 3000 models related to cars, agricultural, industrial and marine engines which are still in production or engines whose production has been being stopped for years.
Thanks also to the commercial network, the company assures a total and fast delivery of the product, in order to answer to the demands of the world of engines repairs, also the most complex ones. 


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